Antima for IoT

The Antima for IoT series is made of articles with an aim to simplify the developing and testing stages of simple IoT applications what interface with microcontroller boards such as the ones form the Arduino Family. Here you will find many different tools to interact with these devices, like our own Python3 library (in constant developing) and many different approaches to acquiring and elaboring data.

The contents of the series are the following:

  • Introduction to the antimait library, in which we present our Python3 library, antimait, that can be used to acquire data, mainly via serial communication, from platforms such as Arduino Uno, Mega, Nano, etc.
  • Plot generation via matplotlib, where the matplotlib library is introduced, with a focus on the matplotlib.pyplot sub-module, used to generate plots from the data acquired from our hardware platforms.
  • The antimait.plotting module, in which we explore the  antimait.plotting module, and its tool to automate plot generation inside the antimait mini-framework.
  • A browser based application, where we use every tool introduced in the previous articles to realize an application that acquires data via serial communication from different arduino platforms, generating plots that are then shown via a web browser.
  • Advanced use cases for the antimait library, where a programmatic model to build applications based on the antimait mini-framework is presented, by using a project in which data from a presence sensor is acquired and is used to control an lcd screen as an example.